About Us – The States Man

Company Overview

The States Man is an email security and privacy media company founded (date) with the intent to educate visitors about email security and privacy. Whether we cover the latest email phishing attacks, give tips on how to secure email, or cover the current BEC trends, our mission is always to provide the reader with the best knowledge and tools against these threats.

Who Are The States Man

We are a bunch of email security and privacy lovers who want to spread the word on why email encryption is necessary. We understand that in the world of social media, chat and video meetings, email is taking a step back, but it’s still a vastly important business communication medium.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people better prepare for the many challenges that lie ahead of them as they use their emails, such as phishing attacks, email hacks, scams, malware and more. We want to give our readers the skills and know-how with which they can learn how to send secure email and improve the privacy of their email.