Am I being tracked by the government?:

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The year 2013 was a momentous year for online security. It is not like people were not thinking about Internet security issues by then, but it took Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks to genuinely open many people’s eyes to how their government can track them online.

What was so important about the Rosen case was that it was the 1st to disclose a striking reason. The opportunities that the government is paying more than a flashing glimpse at your emails are smaller at best. You would need to be doing something to drag their apprehension, such as using the Tor browser for example.

But let’s know that the government is spying on your email and Internet source. How would they do it all?

If you are thinking about specific microchips and black boxes downloaded on your device, you are apart from it. The government has a more efficient and simple technique to do this all.

Online Privacy Tips:

When you are sitting at your house, you, for sure, do not want anybody looking at you through your window to watch what you are doing at that time.

Browse in incognito or private mode

It depends on your browser, But can incognito be traced to personal/private mode. If you are on Safari, for instance, if you turn on Private Browsing ( same as Chrome Incognito) just go to-

Open Safari app > “File” > “New Private Window”

And Use a more security-oriented browser or search engine

Many people use Google to visit online, which is completely convenient and so easy. But it can’t be so good when we talk about your privacy. There are many reports of Google selling information to third-party advertising agencies, governments, etc, without the approval of their users.

Due to this, you must switch to another browser that keeps more security about your privacy.

DuckDuckGo, for example, is very privacy-oriented, however, it’s an America-based company, That’s why they are under the America Electronic Transactions Act jurisdiction, And it is not ideal at all.

Use a VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is the next step from a privacy search engine in securing your privacy and confidential information, especially if you are using a public WiFi that somebody (Such as the government for example) may be spying on.

However, you should be careful in selecting a VPN service. If you are using a VPN, be assured to find a provider that doesn’t log your data or information and that has more than some server addresses to select from.

Dump Gmail and similar for an anonymous email

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Google’s email service, Gmail, is contradictory to what you would call “secure & private”. Not only, the company is much more excited to know about how they may get more money from your data to become even richer, but their benefits of email encryption is not yet something to write about (only TLS encryption in transit, no PGP).

A more good option to keep your email privacy secured is to use a service that is used to protect it such as CTemplar. With CTemplar, your email data is encrypted in transit and we also innominate your IP address and be sure that your email is secure with Zero-knowledge encryption.

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