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What is an Anonymous Email?

Simply, an anonymous email is a mail that always hides the sender’s identification. An anonymous email employee needs all the technologies to make the sending email untraceable to you.

The methods and approaches of sending anonymous emails are different. Simply, we describe these methods and approaches in two ways. These methods are- first, the hard and long methods. And the second is the short and straightforward method.

The Hard and Long Method

This method is classified as the hard and long method because it takes so much time and, it also involves making a long way.

Firstly, this kind of avenue is about opening a fake email account with all the incorrect details. As you expect, it is a free anonymous email account, if it is done correctly. If it’s not correct, your IP address may be traced back. It is not as private or safe as you think about it.

This step is quite cheap, but yes, not a Number.1 choice. The steps of creating and then sending anonymous mail by using this hard and long method are-

  • Get a new phone number, which will be used by you to authenticate the account.
  • Get a fake name with all fake information.
  • Open a new email account for example-G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or anyone else that works desirable
  • Use another browser, where the incognito mode is.
  • Send your email message.

The Simple and Short Method

Now, this is a really short and simple method. When it comes to staying truly anonymous, this avenue is the best and safest selection.

This method includes the use of anonymous email services. There are a lot of services, some are good, others are great. The techniques behind these email services include some ideas that are as mentioned below-

  • Encryption of messages
  • Automatically deleting mails from a server
  • Blocked IP address
  • Password security of your anonymous mail
  • Minimum Private Information
  • Privacy because Now, this is the most important logic

Why Anonymity should be used?

Who may be anonymous online? Anyone can choose to hide their identity for the security of privacy. Most people send anonymous emails for nonidentical reasons. The need for anonymity for the journalists and their sources is not doubtful. In short, different people, from different areas and several works of their life, may use anonymous mail.

How to send anonymous emails without being tracked?

To Send personal email means concealing your real IP address and using a safe email service provider. Most famous email platforms for example Google and Yahoo are amazing in their simple systems and storage capacity but they are low or insufficient in the privacy area. you should follow some simple steps to send an anonymous email

  1. Choose a secure email provider.
  2. Register for this service to get your email inbox
  3. Then sign up or Log in to your account
  4. Enjoy your new, safer email conversations.

Use an encrypted and anonymous email service

An encrypted email will work just as a daily service with the profit that end-to-end encryption makes it safer. Such encryption substitutes your inbox messages and contact list. The most anonymous email accounts are as below

  1. ProtonMail –the best and safe email provider
  2. Tutanota – the most anonymous secure email provider
  3. StartMail – the best and secure easy-to-use email provider
  4. Guerilla Mail – the best and temporary email provider against spam

Use a “burner” email

In a similar way that cheap prepaid smartphones are used in shows for example The Wire and Breaking Bad, burner emails are used temporarily and then discarded.  And they expire after a fixed period.

Hide your IP

Whatever method you select, to send an anonymous email, your IP address can still be a compulsion. and if you want To hide your IP address, you may use a no-logs VPN or Tor browser. A VPN will do the encryption of your connection and also will drag it via a central server,  by hiding your real IP address.

Remove the metadata from the files

If you are sending a Word document, the metadata in the documents may be your giveaway. It contains your full name and other private information that you do not want to share with anyone. If you want to send the documents or files and you don’t want to share your tracking details, then for this purpose, you must take a screenshot and clean the EXIF information from it.

Create a new email account

The easiest format for sending anonymous emails is to create a new email account. If you are using email services like- Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, etc then you can create an email using incorrect information also. And for this, select any fake or false name, false home address, false date of birth, but be careful, just mind, do not give your phone number there.

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