Five Quick Tips Regarding Encrypted Email Provider:

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In today’s times, all of us have to function through emails, still, we take the safety and privacy of our mailbox for granted. Through the Sony Pictures hack, we learned that emails are always the first target for hackers and it’s not difficult for them to do it too. 

It is possible to keep our mailboxes safe and private, however, to do that, one needs to understand what are the different measures to keep our mailbox safe. 

Let’s understand the quick tips regarding email encryption, below. 

Quick tips to safeguard email

1. Use two-factor authentication

The way two-factor authentication works is really simple: combine something you know with something you have. One example is credit cards. To operate the credit card you need to have the card but also you need to know the password.  By enabling two-factor authentication, you solely do not rely on the password, and passwords may be easy to crack by hackers. In Gmail, setting up two-step verification is pretty simple by clicking a button and one has to just enter in your mobile number. On other email platforms like Yahoo, Outlook, it requires the same process. 

You can follow the below process  to enable two-factor authentication:

  • Log in
  • Go to the Password and Security tab
  • Click on “Set up two-step verification
  • Add your Mobile number and each time you log in, it will send an OTP to your device. 

Now, you are well safe! Even if a hacker manages to hack your password, he can’t do much unless he also manages to steal your phone!

2. Limit forwarding

Many times we forward the email without even realizing the consequences. But we don’t know Where the emails are going? Who is the end receiver? If you are operating your business account, the business may have sufficient security measures in place however as you are open to sending that mail to anybody even outside your organization, you expose the data  (Which may be highly confidential) to a third party which may be potential hackers operating on unencrypted servers. In the same manner, if a business owner is sending any sensitive data to another business owner, all it takes is one employee to forward that email to anybody, which may lead the mail to go to an unauthorized person.

3. Set expiration dates on your messages

Many of us don’t delete unwanted emails from inboxes, considering that it’s just a waste of time. On average, more than 50 percent of the population receives at least 11 emails a day. It means that any confidential information sent or received may be lying in the mailbox. We have found a solution to this. Virtru, allows you to manually set an end date on your email which makes sure that after a decided date, the older emails will not appear as well as not be accessible by the recipient. 

4. Important to understand the service provider’s terms of service 

For freshers, the terms of service will tell you what safety, privacy features they have to offer. Listing down some of the pointers:

  • Is the service provider encrypting messages on their server? 
  • Do they have safety measures against potential attacks like hacking of servers etc.?
  • Do they give any guarantee that your data is secure?

We may assume that our service provider thinks the best for us, but it may work differently too. As an instance, Google openly shares personal email via automated scanning. So, after going through the TOS of your email providers, you’ll get to know that keeping your email safe is entirely your responsibility, and is not theirs! 

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5. Encrypt your email

Send encrypted email to keep your email safe from hackers. Encryption means that the data will reach the recipient only and no third party would be able to decipher it. In case you use best-encrypted email provider services like Virtru, the subject matter of your message will not be readable even if it is compromised. So you do not have to worry about messages being hacked by anyone. 

It is not 100 percent sure that emails will always be safe but with added security and privacy features, users can easily safeguard their data and their mailbox. All it takes is a little understanding of the subject matter. 

You may download the free encrypted email provider Virtru to check out how it keeps your mailbox safe.

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