Five Things You Must Know Before Trying Emailing Anonymously:

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Have you ever wanted to send a fully anonymous email? You may want the period to show your love for someone special carefully. Or maybe you are a journalist or a snitch and want to warn someone without prompting an impression.

There are a lot of real legitimate reasons for sending emails anonymously. There are so many free online services that allow you to send an anonymous email. Optionally, you may secure your identity by using a burner email account and a VPN.

1. Use a Burner Electronic mail Account and a VPN

 This is quite a good option to use a webmail account for example Gmail to send an anonymous email. You can sign up or log in to a Gmail account without giving your identity and any proof related to identifying your private data. Subsequently, you may use that electronic mail address as a burner account.

When you are emailing anonymously from Gmail, the real IP address ( from where the email came) is a Google server address in the email header, in place of your IP address. Any changes in IP address provides you with another kind of anonymity.

How To Trace Emails Back To Their Source IP Address

In the email header, If somebody had to trace the IP address, it might only represent the location of the Google server. This server is not essentially very close to your address or location, but yes it covers your tracking information, Google system stores your real IP address. So, if any authority or government ever came hammering and cross-questioning for your address or location, Google was able to give the information. 

2. Use Your Email Client and a VPN

Another method for sending emails anonymously is to use an email client downloaded on your system. There are three steps mentioned below to make sure that you endure anonymously-

  • Sign up for any of the throwaway email addresses for an instance- Gmail, GMX, Yahoo mail, or similar.
  • Download the Thunderbird or an alternative free email client
  • Download and also connect to a VPN service.

You have to make sure to fire up your VPN and that your computer or laptop is using a remotely accessible IP address. Then, through your email client, and by using the throwaway account, just send an email. Then the email header will represent your VPN IP address in the email header in place of your originating IP address.

3. AnonEmail

 This is an important anonymous email service by AnonyMouse. The AnonEmail service uses a series of nodes and allows you to send anonymous emails. When you send an email using the AnnonEmail service, it distends via many random nodes, and it also assures that it is quite impossible to trace the location or your IP address.

This is just like an extra security measure, so before you send anonymous mail to somebody AnonEmail waits for an unknown period of time The reason is that it keeps you away from the email, disassociates you from the sending email time, send IP address or location, and any identified geographic forwardness related to the time zones.

4. Cyber Atlantis

With this service, The email contents are fully featured and completely safe. Without a private key, Only the public key’s owner may unlock the email content. The use of public-key encryption, However, may have an accidental outcome or result. For example, if the encryption key is not used extensively and has been allocated to some people, the anonymous email receiver may try to figure out the sender of that email.

5. ProtonMail

If you want a fully-featured, anonymous, safe, and two-way authentication email service, ProtonMail is your answer for all this. ProtonMail has a very big history of providing secure email services, and millions of people depend on ProtonMail for keeping their conversations private and anonymous at all times.

Some core ProtonMail features include:

  • End-to-End Encryption: when the messages are sent from ProtonMail servers, They are not encrypted at all but yes all the stored inbox messages are encrypted as well.
  • Private User Data: As considered a disadvantage, ProtonMail may not recover your account. And on the upside, it means they may not provide your email to any government or any authority either.
  • Open-Source Cryptography: Since ProtonMail tries to use open-source coding libraries,  you should be pretty sure that there are no “back doors” available there for anybody for accessing your emails. Back doors include both system administrators and hackers as well.

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