How to Balance Between Digital Security and Agility?

Digital Security

Your company wants to improve its operations and introduce more innovative solutions, but it struggles with the most important link in the chain – cybersecurity. While cybersecurity plays the most vital role in the company’s infrastructure, it can often be a problem for those who want to achieve complete agility and flexibility in their daily operations.

However, it’s not impossible to have both. Learning how to balance digital security and agility is the essential aspect that impacts your company’s success. Still, many companies struggle with that part as it’s not always easy to find the right method that offers agility while promoting a healthy cybersecurity environment.

If you’re not sure how to address the key cybersecurity aspects of your company to maintain a flexible workflow, keep reading. We have prepared some of the most viable strategies to help you achieve your goals in the long run.

Understanding the Most Common Cybersecurity Challenges

The key to establishing a safe and functional working environment lies in addressing the most common cyber threats that could affect your company’s protection. With COVID, the frequency of severe cyber-attacks has significantly increased, impacting the most sensitive spheres of the company’s assets – essential data and accounts.

One of the reasons why the company’s accounts are often targeted lies in weak passwords. Unfortunately, employees often take their passwords for granted, which is why they use generic and poorly protected phrases to safeguard their sensitive information. As a result, hackers can access sensitive files more easily and efficiently. To prevent any damage resulting from poorly protected passwords, it’s essential to generate a strong, impossible-to-crack password using the best password manager. This tool allows you to create unique passwords and share them with your team more securely. Whether you opt for a free or paid version, you’ll mitigate the risk of the most common threats, including brute-force attacks, while establishing a more flexible work environment.

Keep in mind that it’s vital to understand the unique challenges your company’s dealing with. That way, you’ll know what solutions work best for you. By implementing cybersecurity solutions like antivirus programs or more complex network monitoring tools that work in real-time, you can be sure that your company’s assets are safe from emerging threats. 

Automated solutions will make the entire process more agile, allowing you to complete your job-related tasks in a completely safe and protected digital environment. This leads us to the cloud.

Switching to the Cloud

Cloud computing is something most modern businesses cannot live without. Besides offering a more flexible environment for your critical business operations, cloud-based systems are safer and packed with more cybersecurity features than most on-premise solutions.

Companies switch to the cloud for various reasons, among which are fixed and reduced costs, less downtime, a broader range of features, real-time protection, etc. Each one of those aspects can help companies balance agility and security, allowing them to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Let’s see how.


Cloud providers offer different options according to the user’s unique needs. While smaller companies may benefit from more cost-effective packages, enterprises can enjoy all-encompassing plans with high-end features. However, that’s not where the story ends.

The cloud offers you the possibility to upgrade to a bigger plan once your business starts growing. The pricing is usually set to fit the company’s budget, and it adapts to its growth. Scalable plans keep pace with your business development, ensuring you get all the features you need to keep delivering your products or services to your clients on time.


Virtualization is proof of the cloud’s agility. The ability to store and process data virtually eliminates the need for robust in-house servers and equipment that requires trained staff and pricier maintenance. The ability to access your vital data in a couple of clicks simplifies your processes and workflow while delivering next-level protection and backup solutions. 

Reduced Downtime

The cloud minimizes downtime and makes sure your business website works optimally 99% of the time. By reducing downtime, cloud computing increases your team’s productivity and helps you complete your tasks more seamlessly. And that’s not beneficial to you only – improved uptime leads to more satisfied clients, who’ll rather choose you over competitors that experience downtime issues.

In general, reduced uptime makes sure you don’t lose hours of your business operation but dedicate your valuable time to delivering high-quality products and services to your clients.


Last but not least, cloud computing is much safer than most on-premise systems. Cloud providers have the ability to observe and address the most common cyber threats, which is why they offer the best cybersecurity solutions alongside other services they offer.

By choosing cloud-based solutions instead of on-prem, you and your team get the chance to complete your tasks smoothly and in a safe manner. Advanced cybersecurity measures offered by cloud providers allow you to beat your competitors and attract more clients. Remember that modern online customers appreciate the two most important aspects of the business – availability and well-established security. Why not offer them both?

Final Words

One of the most common misconceptions is that a company cannot maintain the right balance between agility and Internet safety and privacy. While it is a challenging task, there are solutions that can help them get a bit of both and enjoy a fully-protected and seamless working environment.

By addressing the most common cybersecurity challenges your company is facing and finding adequate solutions for them, you can establish a functional space for your business development – it can be the cloud or an on-premise solution, whichever works best for you.

Still, the perfect agility-security balance lies in cloud-based solutions. Nowadays, when the world has stepped into the digital era, it’s essential to keep pace with it. Solutions like the cloud are one of the safest and most flexible ways to do your business while enjoying a flawless and highly-protected environment at reasonable costs.

And remember to be agile. That way, you can stay ahead of hackers, scammers, and the most advanced forms of malware!

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