How to securely email when working from home/remotely:

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How Do I Access My Work From Home Email?

As remote work has become wide and adopted in workplaces all over the world, the necessity to access email- in-office, at home, and so forth — has become so critical for any job success. This is the learning technique that how to access your work email from home can be challenging if you are new for this remote work. 

How to Send Documents Securely Over Email

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What do you do when you must send some sensitive information through email?

There are three ways to make sure that you are sending documents safely over an email-

  1. Encrypt the entire email.
  2. Encrypt the attachment.
  3. Password-protect the document.

 How to Encrypt the Email Attachments and why?

If you are sending any confidential message to the employees or any private note to your spouse, it’s normal that you want your emails to stay safe and secure. Somehow, the most sensible data in an email is stored in that attachment. Here is the crucial point- typical email encryption services do not encrypt the attachments, so they may not be as well or safe as you try to think.  

Without any file-specific safety, tax-doc, business spreadsheets, and even private photos may be stolen if your message is hacked on the way to its goal. 

Like, even if your receiver deletes the attachments after they have installed it, there is not any guarantee that the file will not be sitting on an email server somewhere.

Want to have complete control over your attachments? Our rapid-start guidance here gives an explanation on how to make sure the email attachments are protective and safe while using encryption and Persistent File-Safety.

Encrypted Email Attachments

There are a lot of different types to encrypt emails, starting from the wide network-level safety that is called TLS (transport layer security). Most of the major email senders may save your emails in transit or within the sender’s or servers. Yet TLS does not give full security, emails that are outside the server or personal attachments are not yet protected.

Three steps to create a work-from-home mail request.

The final thing the company wants is an outcome of influenza that is- to take out the whole sales staff. So, when you experience that tickling in the back of the throat and the temperature may start to register triple digits in degrees, it is the actual time to encrypt the work-from-home email. Here are a few tips, tricks, and also a sample letter for you to get started.

Do it early:

Most office issues may be spread out before your indications peak and well after you are feeling good. If you feel dizzy, stay at home and take it easy. and when you are tired and work when you are feeling up to it. Check all the six general office sicknesses and their contagious time- periods to learn some more about when you should just stay at home.

What is Email Encryption?

Email encryption is to mix up the contents of an email so that it becomes a puzzle somehow that only you have this key and solution. The public key infrastructure (PKI) is  generally used for encrypting and decrypting emails. Every person is assigned the public and personal keys in the digital code form.

The public key is stored on a key server and can be accessed by anyone. This public key is used for the encryption of the email. If somebody sends you an email with some confidential data, they would use your public key for the encryption. The private key is used for the decryption of emails. It is stored somewhere secure and personal on that individual’s computer and only that person has the access to it.

What is Digital Security?

Digital technology is just like changing how society is operated and changing the ways that how we live our lives. Each day, there are new ways to be a workaholic and to play other methods for interaction with one another. As the digital footprint grows naturally, we are forming our online identifications. Digital security is the safety of this online identification. Criminals are finding other ways to get operated and to steal the data and information from the digital users for their private gain.

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