How to use the internet to earn money in 2022


The internet nearly makes everything possible. From entertaining us to connecting us to the world, the internet has been our savior. But the cherry on top is that you can even use the internet to earn money. There are hundreds of opportunities available online that can earn let you earn a decent amount of money and pay your bills.

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Start you blog

If you haven’t started your blog yet what have you been doing on the internet? Blogging is one of the best-known ways to earn income from an internet-based job. We all come across blogs several times in a day while surfing through social media or websites. It could be related to anything. Options are unlimited. Pick your niche, identify your area of interest and start writing a blog today.

Internet is full of reputable free blog sites where you can begin the setup of your blog and give a kick start to your blogging career. Once your blog begins to receive a certain number of visitors you can put online ads on them. For that, you can use Google AdSense, which will help you get ads by analyzing your readers. And did we mention before that the more ads you put the more money you could make?

Make your YouTube Channel

Did you come across that news that an 8-year-old kid is generating $22 million of revenue in a single year from his YouTube channel? Isn’t it insane? We all know how big of a business YouTube is. If you’re looking for internet-based income then create your YouTube channel today. Create video content on the topic of your choice. It could be arts and crafts, makeup, lifestyle, tech reviews, comedy, and a lot more.

Begin uploading your videos with consistency. Once your videos start getting monetized, YouTube will start putting ads along with your videos and share the revenue with you. It will take some time to grow your audience but your focus should be on content quality and consistency. Once your channel is monetized you can earn from $10000 to $30000 per month.

Design Website Themes

Have you noticed one thing common in all the websites and blogs? They all have a certain theme. You can make it a source of income for you by starting to design themes and templates for websites and decide how a certain site will look like. If you have the required skill, you can design multiple themes of your own choice and sell them to a theme store.

You can also create a website of your own from where people can directly buy themes from you.  Designing themes for platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, etc. can get you huge profits. 

Become an Online Teacher

You might be good at mathematics, or you know more than one language, if not then your internet in chemistry would be sky-high. Why don’t you put that skill of yours to use and make money out of it?  Become an online teacher. Teach virtually using tools like Zoom, Skype or join platforms like SkillsShare or Udemy. 

You can create your class and give online classes related to any subject or create courses and sell them to earn money. You get paid each time a student takes one of the online courses designed by you.

Start social media management

Social media management is another growing market online. Where you manage social media accounts for brands, companies, and famous people and in return get paid for it. You have to design posts, generate captions and even respond to the audience to maintain a positive image of the brand. 

The main task of a social media manager includes monetizing the existing audience, market and highlighting the products of the brand you’re working for, and marking the online presence of your clients. You can make monthly or annual contracts with the company or brand you’re working for or charge per post for managing their social media accounts.

Find remote jobs

Maybe leaving home for a 9-5 job is not your thing. If you love working from the comforts of your home then follow this path. Use the internet as your tool to find a remote job. You can find remote jobs through these websites:


Just Remote

Virtual Vocations




Remote OK


Authentic Jobs and many more.

All you have to do is sign up and make a profile. Add your niche and you’ll get connected to several recruiters that are finding employees for remote jobs. You’ll get many opportunities and several places where you can fit in. You can then negotiate on working hours, salary and other details. 

Final Words

With the internet, you’ll never run out of opportunities. All you need to have is a skill set and a good internet connection and you can conquer the world. Pick any of the options mentioned above and use your expertise to the max to make money out of it. 

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