How to Write an Essay About AI

Write an Essay

Not every student is cut out to write essays every other week. It’s especially true for students of more precise disciplines, like engineering or technology. Yet, schools still love to give writing assignments to their students. That’s how teachers can see students’ abilities to analyze and process information, research, and structure, among many other things. So, essays are staying, and no one can change it. However, the good thing is that students can often choose the topic of their writing.  

Make a plan 

You should start with this essay just like with any other – make a plan. A plan can help you feel more in control of the situation. It keeps your focus on what is important while also helping you be efficient with your time. 

Overall, a good plan should have all important stages of your work process, starting with the topic choice and ending with the deadline date. It will help you visualize how much time you have to finish the work. Also, a plan can divide each section of the work so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming anymore. Perhaps, you want to use writing services at some stage of the process. Well, incorporate that into your plan as well. 

For example, set time to choose a writing site, like essaypro, for example. The way how to find if essaypro legit is simple. Start by checking their site and services. You can read multiple reviews on those services online. They will all tell you the same thing. It’s one of the best services on the market right now. Though, you can also visit their site and chat with them directly if you still have questions. Overall, the last thing you need right now is to waste your time on hesitation. 

Research the existing conversation

The AI topic is nowhere to be found to be new. Yet, the conversation around it is constantly changing and developing along with technological progress. Hence, it is important to see the latest articles and opinions on the matter before you start writing. Learn about the most common theories about the development of AI. Read about what dangers people fear and what hopes they have. Later, you can incorporate these conversations into your work so that it looks contemporary and well-researched. 

Also, see what sources you are allowed to use in your paper. Often, instructors leave very detailed guides on where to look for sources and what type of resources you can use. Stick to those guidelines and use only reliable, recent, and unbiased sources in your paper. You don’t want to compromise your whole work only because of the wrongfully chosen sources, do you?

Choose an angle

Writing just about AI is not enough. At least, it is not enough to create an original, interesting, and insightful essay. An academic paper should always bring something new to the table. Thus, you shouldn’t simply recount dry facts and opinions, especially if they are already well-known. 

Instead, students should find an original and fresh approach to the topic. Thus, you get to discuss AI in the context of a bigger issue. For instance, analyze how the development of AI can impact the labor market and what groups are in the most vulnerable positions. Or, perhaps, you can go all Matrix here and develop theoretical scenarios where a similar future is possible. Overall, feel free to have fun with and explore new angles to already familiar issues. 

You may pay close attention to various angles in the articles you read for your essay. For example, read each abstract and see what they are trying to achieve with their works. Usually, you’ll find that writers choose AI to reveal some deeper issues in the discipline and society. That’s exactly what you should do with your work. 

Define artificial intelligence 

When structuring your paper, start by giving a very clear and detailed definition of what artificial intelligence actually is. You shouldn’t move far into the text discussing AI-related issues and arguments without having your readers know what you precisely mean by that term. In fact, you can collect several sources that provide AI definitions in your text. Analyze and compare those terms to come up with your vision of the concept. Send a clear message that this final definition is how you see AI in your work.

Know your audience

When writing, it is important to always remember about people who will read your essay. For example, a paper about AI written for an English class or any IT class will be two very different products. For one, with the former, you should be careful about using too many specific terms and other specific jargon that can be misunderstood. Also, if you do use them, try to use footnotes to explain them. 

In addition, people in the same field may already know about the arguments or theories that you are talking about. However, if you are writing for classes unrelated to technologies, try to slowly introduce your reader to the topic before moving to the main part of the discussion. 

Also, keep in mind that essays can vary depending on their goals. Thus, one instructor can assign you a paper to see how well you understood the material, while others want to see your ability to research or, perhaps, your creativity. Thus, you should read your instructions carefully and see what your instructors expect from you.

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