Make Your Packaging Look More Professional For Your Online Retail Store

Online Retail Store

Running an online store, especially as a small business can be a very time-consuming task. With orders flooding in and delivery dates to be met, it’s easy to try to rush through the process of packing your products up and getting them shipped to customers. This speedy handling of your products is not always ideal however and can lead to an unprofessional look. Show your customers how serious you are about you products, and how much you care about their custom with these handy tips. 

Design Process

Creating beautiful and quirky packaging is somewhat of an artform today. Some businesses have managed to create some truly unique packaging that not only draws the eye, but wows customers when they receive their purchase. As well as trying to create something special, it’s important to think about exactly how your packaging will look. Try to include your branding somewhere on your boxes and make it obvious that this delivery is from your store using your color scheme. Hiring a professional designer that has experience with creating packaging for businesses would be a great idea if possible.


When selling multiple products to customers and clients, it’s imperative that your packaging looks the same with each. Similarly, folding your boxes up and packing things by hand can lead to slightly different appearances between your packages and if a few have gone to the same person, this can look very unprofessional as it can be obvious when this step has been done manually. To rectify this, consider using automated packaging machines to do the job for you. Machines from Blue Print Automation can help to create your packaging directly to your specifications, keeping your boxes and containers uniform. Not only can these machines help make your packages look that extra bit more professional, it will also reduce the time it takes to pack and ship drastically, saving you time and effort.


Not only does your packaging need to look nice, but you also want to ensure it serves its purpose well. The functionality of your boxes is very important and tends to be easier when you have multiple boxes designed for different sizes of products. Try to have these boxes created so that your products can be packed the same way in each, making use of as much space as possible, whilst also having room for protective packing materials. This saves you the time to find the right box for every product, as well as avoiding unnecessarily oversized boxes for products that just don’t need it. 


A huge part of commerce and industry today, especially from the position of customers, is whether or not you are producing in a sustainable and ethical fashion. This not only counts for your products, but also your choice in packaging too. One of the largest concerns that customers have is the use of non-recyclable materials such as polystyrene and most plastic wrapping. To avoid these complaints, and of course do your bit for the environment, choose eco-friendly packaging materials that are biodegradable such as corrugated cardboard instead of bubble wrap.


Lastly, it’s important to make sure your products are well-presented to your customers in their boxes if you really want to impress. Boutique businesses tend to have a great eye for this, and many spend a lot of time ensuring that the unboxing experience is great for customers, especially if they’re being send to affiliates and influencers who may be recording the process. Put plenty of effort into showcasing your products well and you’ll benefit greatly once people begin sharing imaging and videos of your lovely packing.

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