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What is Open source secure email?

The secure and best open-source email is an alternative to conventional services with an explicit focus on privacy, safety, and ease of use. All apps are lyric software to give an open-source email alternative to Gmail, GMX, Yahoo, and other platforms. To all of us, this includes publishing our Android app on F-Droid.

Why are open source emails better?

The open-source email client’s code may be examined by the protection community for the assurance that the code is free from bug-report and any threats of backdoors. This is essential because only with the open-source email encryption system, you know what the service promises to make sure that your emails are secured.

The best open source email service:

email vulnerability

We want to be assured that everybody who is joining our team is as passionate about open source email providers and about privacy as we are.

Sharing our vision of a private and secure Internet with the entire team, it is so much easier for the development steps like for instance- To publish the Android application on F-Droid or to build a screen background client with the built-in encryption.

To make an open-source email provider service is one of the most essential oppositions for us. Since most of the people who are active on GitHub are just formulators themselves, and also they have given us so precious feedback on how to OpenPGP mail and manage the email services and their privacy and security.

We need many people to see and observe our code and to build it narrowly. It is crucial for any private and safe email service that the community finds the code for the improvement and its security.

Our open source was released in Sep 2014, we have included so many augmentations here. We have executed DANE support, which extremely increases the privacy and safety of SSL. We have built an Android & an iOS application and published all of these apps as open-source secure email apps as well. We would have loved to add our open-source secure email app on F-Droid.  

Best open source secure email services:

Just keep your email security with the help of open-source services for the privacy of your email.

At present time most of us protest the email, still emailing is our priority for any professional or formal online conversation, which shows itself that emailing is so important in today’s world. Many of the hackings and declarations about government intelligence also explained and made it clear that emailing is also one of the most unsafe of that trench.

Whatever you send through email, is just your business. You (sender) and the receiver, only can read and nobody else may read the content of the message. Not any hacker, not any authority or government agency, and surely not friends or siblings.

We should use security measures for email protection because emails stand for messaging privately with end-to-end encryption. If you have any degree of expertise and technical knowledge then you may set up your email server. However, this is not an alternative for all of us without any knowledge and ability.

So, what things we may do to keep our emails secure and private? Turning into security, open-source email services like the two, I enclose in this article.


ProtonMail exaggerates that it defines your email messages as “encrypted at all times.” when an email lands in a receiver’s inbox that time only it can’t be encrypted.

ProtonMail service utilizes many levels of safety. When you create a ProtonMail account, you have to create two passwords: one is a login password and another one is a password to decrypt or crack your mailbox. The mailbox password is an alternative, but you should set it for an extra layer of security and privacy. You can add more protection here, to your account by using the two-factor authentication method.


Tutanota takes the same kind of approach to protect your mailbox. Your mailbox is encrypted, and at that time you have an option that you want to encrypt the message or not by using this open source email encryption method. You may be speculating whether messages are end-to-end encrypted or not if you are sending these messages to an individual with a Tutanota email address.

If you have chosen the encryption of the message. You will have to create a password that the receiver will use for the decryption of all emails that you are sending to them. Then You will have to share that password with them with all the protection, maybe through any text message, phone call, or letter.


Telios gives you complete ownership of your data by encrypting and storing everything on your local devices. No third party, government, or even Telios can read your unencrypted data. The only way to access your unencrypted data is by using a memorized master password on your physical device. The service was designed to use external servers as little as possible and know next to nothing about each user. Your devices have absolute control over how your data is shared, encrypted, and stored and will default to using the peer-to-peer network whenever possible.

To get started, you need to create an account and then write down or download your recovery phrase. It is the only way to recover your account in case you forget your password or lose your device. During registration, your device will locally generate public and private keys and only your public keys are sent to Telios.  Account and app data are encrypted at rest on your device inside Hyperbee databases using a secret key generated by your device during registration

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