Simple Tips to Edit Quality Videos for Your Social Media

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Social media is all about creating quick and eye-catching content. You must be able to attract the attention of viewers, whether it be on Instagram or Facebook. All of this may seem daunting at the beginning. The fast-paced environment of trends and popular music choices may overwhelm you and push you to hire a professional.

While it is an option you may explore, you may not be able to afford one at the moment. This is the issue for many companies, especially ones just starting. We have good news for you! We have compiled a list of simple tips to edit quality videos for your brand’s social media accounts:

1. Explore Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool. A single video posted onto social media could potentially reach millions of users. However, to achieve this, you must learn what the users want. But how? Simply by using popular social media platforms, you can learn what videos are generally more popular on social media.

Your video content for social media should always look new and trendy. Following the latest trends can help give you an idea of how your videos should look. Having smooth and unique transitions in the video has shown to be favored. Many companies make the mistake of prioritizing trends over showcasing their product. This can be fatal for your sales. Think about it—if your brand does not prioritize the product, why should the viewers?

2. What Do I Want?

Before you start your journey, you must have a destination. This goes for video editing as well. Editing has many forms, but before you get started, sit down and decide what you wish to achieve through the video. Here are some points you can target through your videos:

  • Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is extremely important. It can help sway your potential customers’ minds. Generally, people trust brands with large popularity over companies they have never heard of. Trust is an important key to selling your products. Brand awareness ensures long-term growth and affects all of your product sales.
  • Engagement: Social media is the perfect place to connect with your audience. Promoting audience engagement through your videos can take your brand a long way. It will allow you to gauge your audience’s interests. This information will be beneficial for your business growth.

These two factors can assist you in configuring your videos. Each of them has a different approach that works best for them. Not deciding beforehand or trying to focus on both together can be confusing for the editor and the viewers. This performs poorly and is a waste of your time.

3. Get Viewers Hooked

Every viral video on social media has a hooking effect on the viewers. The same should be applied when creating videos for your brand. You want to make the audience want more. Many videos use bright neon colors, transitions, or catchy songs, to hook viewers. This has proven to be highly effective.

Your videos must be quick when grabbing attention. Having a long hooking effect can be detrimental to your brand. Longer hooking effects limit your time to showcase your product or to get your point across. This deflects the actual purpose of the video. Make the start of the video short and sweet. Checking out what your competitors do may also give you a list of dos and don’ts to follow, easing the overall process.

4. Audio

A pain point for many editors out there is how to attract viewers without audio. You may have noticed people mainly use social media when idle. People in public spaces such as trains, buses, and social events often use them. However, because it is a public space, they switch off the audio to respect others. This closes off the audio mode of connecting with them and disabling videos with catchy music to attract them.

You may not think much of it. The viewer count will only go down by a few digits, right? Wrong! People not using audio makes up a huge part of daily social media users. You would have poor ROI. To counter this issue, when editing, simply turn the audio off. This will let your creative juices flow in the right direction. Adding subtitles using a professional online video editor tool helps you easily to counter the issue too.

5.  Optimize your Content

You need to remember not to group all of your social media platforms into one. All of them have different audience groups with varying preferences. A video performing excellently on Instagram may not work well on Facebook. This is because the users of Facebook demand a different type of content. So before posting the same content across your platforms, ensure to tweak them a little to fit in.

Here are a list of ways variables you should check to optimize before posting them on all social media platforms:

  • Video Length: The duration of your video is extremely important. It plays a key factor in engagement. Keep it under 60 seconds for LinkedIn and Facebook and 15 seconds long for Instagram stories and Twitter.
  • Dimensions: Videos in portrait mode are generally more popular on Instagram Reels and Stories. Square dimensions work better for posting on LinkedIn and Facebook feed.
  • CTA: All platforms have their terms when creating Call-To-Actions. You would not want to hear “Retweet for more content like this” on Instagram. This may even upset some users. Hence, always be vigilant for such keywords.


If you are a frequent social media user, you already have the upper hand over those who don’t use social media. Put your expertise into use and create social media videos for your brand! Although it is crucial to keep in mind that your audience may not have the same preferences as you, it would not hurt to give it a try. Study the engagement on your posts to see how you can improve the performance of your posts.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get started on your viral social media promotional video now!

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