Take Advantage Of Free Anonymous Email Account- Read these 7 tips:

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The Best Free Email Security Tips to Keep Your Account Anonymous

Besides being supervised for 397 thousand deaths and granulating the world economy to a near finish, the Covid-19 is responsible for other, more unsettled threats. 

In most countries, tracking apps are even compulsory. For instance, In Poland, ProteGo is compulsory for the people and it also has access to pictures on your device. 

Similarly, there are so many cases like this, or even of applications for which there is not any public data or information available.

Now, you may say, “well, it’s obligatory to track Covid-19 cases and stop it from spreading out further”, although I have yet to listen to an expert explaining how to track your people that may help in preventing the virus from circulating. 

However, that is not even the biggest problem here. The biggest problem is that these applications are just the other way of tracking your location and other online activities. 

So why get worried about it?

Well, maybe you do not need to be tracked all-time and have your online activities examined by the government, so that you may know whether any big corporations or authorities are collecting your private information or not.

Top 7 Free Secure Email Tips:

Email is the benchmark for online conversations, especially for businesses, but it is also very less private. and you may never be completely assured that anyone has not spied and picked off a classified conversation that you had, private with someone and encroached with it or stolen some of your confidential information. 

If you are a user of Gmail or other famous email providers or services that are being done daily. 

You are wrong on the account. This is the time to know some of the free email encryption tips so that you may take control of your free email security and privacy back. And the tips are as mentioned below-

1. Use an Encrypted Email Service

End-to-end encryption email service is the best-secured way to keep your email private and safe from hackers and interrogation. Encryption is the best way to keep your email inbox private by mixing up your emails to read them without the right decryption key.

2. Use 2FA

Often, you will hear that if you want your online accounts secure then you must create a strong password for your private accounts. But this is just not enough. So you should use the 2FA service, because the strongest password you may think of, is not enough at all, to stop any decisive hacker from stealing your information and data and breaking into your account. 

3. Secure Your Attachments

There are so many times when you have to send your documents or confidential files over email. This is so easy to do just by clicking the attachment button in your email composition. But if you are sending the attachment containing confidential, private information or data, there is a risk that it may go 

into the hacker’s hands in case you didn’t encrypt your attachments. So if you want to stop that, you need to keep your attachments safe by encrypting them securely.

4. Keep Your Private and Business Email Separate

Well, it’s quite a good idea to keep your private account separate from your formal or business account.  Because both of the accounts contain confidential private, sensitive, and identifying information of your own, your family, your company or institute, and an abundance of other things. So do not keep all the personal data and information in one place, make separate accounts conveniently so that the cyber-attacker can not steal them.

5. Anonymous Payment Options

To have a free anonymous email account is a bigger step to get your online account security and privacy, but, you should consider an upgraded version also.

Maybe you want more space storage or any feature like multi-user support or Deadman timer. In each case only just free accounts are no longer enough so you need an upgrade also.

6. Instantly Delete Emails

Let’s think that you have sent a private or sensitive email to someone, but now you want to delete that message. So what will you do? 

Simply just click on the checkbox, see the row of the icons that just appeared up top, and click on the bin. Now You will see that email may have gone by deleting it from your inbox messages, but it is still stored somewhere on the server. because the free anonymous email account providers must keep all these records of deleted messages also, for months before permanently deleting your messages or data. 

7. Make Your IP address Untraceable Using Anonymous Email Accounts

Nowadays, there is a kind of counterblast against social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc and many people are turning to some other options for example- Reddit, that provide more anonymity and better freedom to raise their convictions.

Even when you talk about email, you do not need to use your name to create, set, or open up a Gmail account. You may create a Gmail account under any fake name. But that does not mean that you may not be tracked. Whatever email you send, contains your IP address, by which you may be found.

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