Tips To Help You Retain Tech Talent

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The overwhelming majority of businesses work closely with software today. Whether they are developing these programs for internal or external use, the developers shoulder much of the responsibilities here.  

Software is instrumental from a security perspective too. The best products possible must be used and made here, with many vulnerabilities being detected for companies in recent times. Only the best talent in the business can help you run a tight ship that is free of risk and dangers. 

Securing promising developer talent is one thing, but retaining them is another thing entirely. They need to stay on board to ensure the continued efficiency of your firm. Here are some methods that might help you hold their interest. 

Run a Survey

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It would help if you gauged the mood of your software development team before implementing any concrete strategies. That way, you can tailor your approach and appeal to their needs directly. 

Run a survey among them. Feature a scoring system so that their responses are clear, concise, and easily recorded for data purposes. Encourage anonymous participation, as they may be more inclined to be honest with their feedback.  

Questions to ask could be: 

  • Do you have everything you need? Obviously, the world of software is driven by technology, so new tools and equipment may not yet have access to but are eager to try. 
  • Are you satisfied with the work culture? Some developers thrive on teamwork, others prefer a more insular route forward in their work. Certain team members may even wish to work remotely, believing it will increase their productivity. Finding a balance in all of this could be key to ensuring continued success.  
  • What issues should be the company’s priority? Things like tech debt, proof of concept, design standards and coding reviews can all be grueling for developers. Be open to making changes they recommend. 
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In the end, surveys should have a central position in your workforce structure, especially among developers especially. See matters from their point of view, and your business will surely go in a better direction on a software level. 

Ease Their Workload 

Developers can get exceptionally busy, but there is a limit on how much they will tolerate. Some of their daily duties can distract them from innovating, too. 

If you can ease the workload of software developers, they will have more time to focus on aspects of their job that they enjoy and produce better results for your business. Automation technology can play an important role here. 

For example, the application security testing features from ForAllSecure intelligently automates the testing and maintenance of software. Therefore, secure and reliable software can be made without routine stress, and developers can dedicate themselves fully to composing new features and tools. 

Of course, this is not just a quick shortcut. Making these types of changes can make developers feel enormously supported in their roles. It is peace of mind, and not all businesses bother to provide it, so going that extra mile for them will really help create stronger bonds between employer and employee. 

Review Industry Salaries

Good pay is instrumental in retaining exceptional staff. However, you may need to be a little more diligent in this area if you hope to retain software developers in particular. 

After all, software developer salaries can be highly competitive, and you need to ensure that you are keeping up with the pay. There is also a crippling shortage of developers available today, and so these types of staff members are highly desirable by others. Some employers may even be generous with what they are willing to offer, even when these jobs are among the highest paying in the U.S. 

If you are not providing an attractive salary, even by small percentages, then you can expect your talent to be swiftly poached from your business. Keep reviewing the average industry salaries and ensuring that you are playing in the same ballpark. The developers may then turn down other job offers that come their way, even if other advantages could otherwise tempt them.  

Refuse to Burn Bridges

If you have a team of developers, some of them will likely abandon their posts at some stage. These professionals are in high demand, with many of them quitting their jobs to become contractors and freelancers. They may also take up job offers from companies that, on paper, offer a little bit more. 

However, if you have followed the steps listed so far, you may be able to tempt these developers back into the fold. This is because, once leaving, some of these professionals realize that they made a mistake. They may work in an environment that does not care for their well-being and refuses to ease their workload.

When developers leave, make it clear that the door is always open for them to return. You may find that they reach out to you after one or two months in their new role. They will likely become much more loyal to your business if you warmly welcome them back.

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