Want A Thriving Business? Focus On 7. WEBSITE DESIGN GRANT!


Wondering what the heck is a Website Design Grant .These are free cash prizes awarded to individuals and businesses who have an innovative and unique website design.

Winning one of these grants can help you get your project off the ground by getting you marketing materials, or help with other areas of need like graphic design. So if you want a thriving business that gets compliments daily from potential customers, consider entering this competition by submitting your website today (don’t forget to use keyword: “Website Design Grant”).

The basic guidelines for the competition:

1. The website must be created with Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop and the following typefaces are allowed: Tahoma, Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana. 2. The designer must have an active e-mail address by March 31st 2011 to be eligible for consideration. 3. The website will need to contain at least one important sales pitch (i.e., “visit our site…”) on it in order to be considered for a cash grant from this program. 4 . The website will need to be in English. 5. The designer will be judged on the creativity of the design, the ease of navigation, and overall quality of the winning design. All sites will be featured on this website for two weeks, and then a winner will be chosen. 6. This program awards awards for both individual websites and businesses. 7 . The prize money is always given in absolutely cash (obviously actual cash is great, but gift certificates are also an option).

“A design competition which contacts people with a unique approach. I’ll be participating and I’m looking forward to the buzz it generates.” – John Tierney

“My name is Lyle and I am excited about the upcoming competition. I have been a fan of the “LEARN MORE” commercials for years now. The whole idea of a website contest is great, because most people just push links on their own sites, which are boring and not very creative at all. 

My motivation for entering in this competition will be to get the attention of people who would like to see more creativity in web design.” – Lyle Barrow

“[ This ] will give me an opportunity to show off my skills as a designer and hopefully get some exposure. I’ll also be interested to see how many people vote for my site. I’ve been looking at the other designs that are submitted and I think mine is pretty unique. I think it’s humorous and fun, which can be hard to do on the Internet sometimes.” – Tim Smith

“I’m creating a new website for my business and am hoping to get some traffic on it quickly. The site is still very basic but it has potential as a learning tool or could be just a place where people could contact me if they have questions about what I do.

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