What is the most secure and private free email service:

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    Most of the email services that you are using for your email security, Do they respect your privacy too? Well, in this case, The answer is no. Gmail, Yahoo, and other large email providers don’t consider and keep your privacy safe. just for instance-,

    • Email users get third parties full access, given by Gmail, and also it tracks all of your purchases.
    • For email scanning in actual time, Yahoo was caught by US surveillance agencies.

    While Gmail allows users to opt out of many invasive features, the services and their basic business models revolve around a collection of data.

    email services of big-name investors invest a lot of money for safety, but they are also not invulnerable and related to big targets. The biggest news was that hackers were able to compromise millions of Microsoft Exchange email servers. so by using a smaller, and less well-known, and real private email service, you can make yourself safer.

    The best secure and private free email service:

    There are a lot of different types of users of email and their services and there is not any single “best email for security” service that may be the top preference for everybody.

    Some users may derange extra protection with strong encryption, Whereas other email users may need convenient and simple user-friendly applications for the devices.

    Here, are some factors mentioned below, to consider, when switching to a safe email provider:

    • Jurisdiction – What is the location of the service? and how can user privacy be affected by this, and Where is all your information stored physically?
    • PGP support – Some of the safe email providers support PGP, while others don’t use PGP because of its weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
    • Import feature – Are you able to import your current emails and contacts as well?
    • Email apps –Many safe email services may not be used with third-party email clients because of encryption, but some of them provide dedicated apps features.
    • Encryption – emails end-to-end encrypted are in transit? Rest of the emails and attachments encrypted yet?
    • Features – Some of the features you can consider are contacts, collaboration tools, calendars, inbox search, file storage, and provide support for DAV services.
    • Security – can we describe providers’ protection, standards, and policies?
    • Privacy –  does the email service secure your privacy? What type of information is being collected, and for how long?
    • Threat model – How much security and privacy do you want and these necessities can be fulfilled by which service?

    1. Mailfence – Completely -featured and secure email in Belgium

    Mailfence is one kind of a completely featured and safe email provider that offers calendar and contacts functionality, PGP encryption, file storage support, etc.

    Without plugins or add-ons, who need full PGP control and interoperability, Mailfence is a good choice for them. Whether you are using a most private email service and you want a safe email practice for your team or business, similarly, Mailfence has all the options that you’d want.

    2. Tutanota – Private and secure email in Germany

    It is a Germany-based safe and private email service provider, related to a short team of privacy enthusiasts, without any outside investors. Among all safe email providers, Tutanota is a very serious player. It overcomes some of the drawbacks of PGP because it is a hybrid encryption system and yes your rights of privacy are saved by the GDPR and by other pro-privacy EU rules.

    3. ProtonMail – Secure email in Switzerland

    By looking at this service of ProtonMail, It does a lot of correct things. It is important for PGP encryption regulations for mail and keeps all emails and attachments through composition that are encrypted at rest on the Swiss servers. ProtonMail has a special feature for “self-destructing messages” and they have also added full PGP support. and address verification.

    4. Mailbox.org – Private email in Germany

    In the case of choosing a safe email provider, you have to choose between their features and protection. With Mailbox.org, you may get the best of both worlds,Mailbox.org offers full PGP support from the protection, privacy, and encryption side and also get options to easily encrypt all your confidential information on their safe servers in Germany. Mailbox.org is so useful with third-party email clients and smartphone apps.

    5. Posteo – Privacy-focused email in Germany

    This is yet another Germany-based email provider that offers the highest level of security as well as privacy for those who use it. In some cases, it is a completely-featured email provider that is very useful for PGP encryption standards, with the same prices.

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