Which email providers are the most secure:

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In America’s most secure email providers, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are not included at all because they don’t encrypt your messages end-to-end, and also they don’t take your security of mails and privacy seriously. Still, Some of the users are surprised, because, to mention keywords Google and other platforms may scan your mails to show more advertisements personally.

None of the companies will have an objection if the investigation of your mailbox is done by your government. And their data breaches’ history is not that important either. There are so many options in the market. Today I present here our top secure email providers that will secure your privacy. Every secure email service does the encryption of your messages so that the email services, as well as the third party both, can not decipher the content usually. Also, through selling premium plans, these services make money rather than an advertisement or your data.

Top secure email services 

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The best email services of encryption have some protection features for example-2FA end-to-end encryption and a reputation also that does not include any serious breaches or vulnerabilities.

Although most of the services provide free versions, they are a bit incomplete. The premium plans add important features for example- more space and priority to customer support. Here is the Explanation of each safe email service to know what is the most important service that fits your necessities the best.

1. ProtonMail

This service has a strict no-logs policy and it uses end-to-end encryption and also the best ratio between privacy and price. ProtonMail Users may send encrypted messages to anyone, even those who do not use ProtonMail.

ProtonMail doesn’t have an app for desktops. It uses a web-based client that works on all popular browsers. And when it comes to phones, you may install apps for both Android and iOS.

2. Startmail: Best email for desktop users

If Startmail sounds not so known, maybe you are hearing of- startpage.com. This search engine does not keep a track of any of your details or information. Mostly, Startmail uses the same important values and makes sure that they are applied here.

Startmail is one of the safest email services. Its features are that it fully integrates PGP, so it is very easy to communicate with other users who have PGP set up. PGP is implemented only at the server-side which means this is not a true end-to-end setup that other service providers are talking about. Adding two-factor authentication is also possible to make sure that your email would remain safe and secure even when someone hacks your PIN/Password. 

3. Tutanota – Best protective email for the device

Tutanota implements AES & RSA, not PGP encryption. Same algorithms are used in both, however, RSA adds an extra layer of security by combining keys (Symmetric and Asymmetric keys). Tutanota also encrypts the sender’s and receiver’s names and it also encrypts the subject line. Two-factor authentication is supported and users are free to choose from TOTP (authenticator apps) and U2F (YubiKey).

4. Zoho Mail – part of the best B2B security product suite

Zoho provides a variety of IT solutions, which includes a password manager, so it works the best when you combine it with other products. This service comes with secure data centers which can only be accessed via biometric authentication. Spam protection and end-to-end encryption are the other additional features.

5. Thexyz – excellent suite of features

If you are looking for a private mailbox, this could be one of the best options. This service is ad-free and is majorly focused on securing your emails. This filters the spam you get. If you visit their website, it represents statistics of how many potential threats of the virus are blocked by sender monitoring and analysis systems, for example Cloudmark or Message Sniffer. 

6. Mailbox – respects your privacy from the very start

Mailbox.org is another Germany-based secure email provider. This organization is privately-funded and that safeguards it from outside influences.

It respects your privacy from the very beginning. It also asks for your recovery email or phone number once you create your account. It is never mandatory to provide this data. 

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