Why Is Java The Top Pick for Programmers and Developers

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ince its release in early 1996, in these 26 years, Java has managed to stay among the top programming languages. Java is the computer software set that provides a system for application software development and deployment in a cross-platform environment.

Java’s popularity is owed to the platform’s independence, as Java programs can be run on any computer type or operating system as long as the machine has a JRE installed.

Keeping in mind that, it’s vital to mention that most operating systems are actually compatible with Java – Windows, Linux, mobile phones OSs included.

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Just as Java has been around for almost 26 years now, the programming language is so widely used that nearly all of the most prominent organizations worldwide have been built with Java.

Although new technologies are being launched almost every day in the IT world, there are no signs of Java’s usage starting to decline. Moreover, Java’s life span of 26 years has been living proof that the language is ever-evolving and combines the much-required stability with the newest innovations.

To prove the longevity of the Java programming language, you can try and run a code that has been written 10, 15, or even 20 years ago and hasn’t been changed ever since. The result you will get may surprise you quite a lot, i.e., in 8 out of 10 cases, the code will be compatible with the newest JVM and still run successfully.

Is Java worth learning?

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Of course, Java is still worth learning in 2021. Keeping in mind that in 26 years, the popularity of the programming language hasn’t declined at all and that the HRs’s search for java developers for hire is at its peak, I’d say, on the contrary, now is the time to start learning Java from scratch.

Another proof of Java’s popularity is that although Java can be considered one of the oldest programming languages, many developers still pick Java as their starting programming language. Java’s reasonably easy to understand and be learned because of its English-like syntax. With proper devotion, most developers learn Java in a short time period just because of that reason – the relatively easy syntax.

What Kind of Web Projects and Apps Can Be Built with Java?

Being a general-purpose programming language, Java can be used to develop apps in multiple fields. Moreover, Java can be used from fully-fledged corporation program development to apps intended for scientific purposes and computer games.

A great advantage Java offers is that a Java application can be run on any platform or computer machine with a Java Runtime Environment installer. This is enabled by the creators with the implementation of the write once, run anywhere principle, which is most commonly known as the WORA principle.


Moreover, one of the things you can achieve with Java are:

  • Build Android applications using the Google-developed Android API
  • Develop Java web applications
  • Develop a software tool

It’s important to notice that some of the most popular software development tools like IntelliJ IDEA and the NetBeans IDE are written in Java. However, the popular Java project doesn’t stop there. Google’s free email service provider Gmail is also written in Java.

The Importance of Java

As we all know, Java is one of the most popular programming languages out there. And because of the language’s popularity, simplicity, and the possibilities that the language is offering, there are a plethora of resources to learn from. Luckily, many of these tools are available online and can serve as your studying companion. Depending on your ability level and your financial situation as well, there are both free and paid education tools available.

Additionally, because technology is growing at such a rapid pace, there are numerous upcoming career prospects, which could completely affect the operating systems’ development, and Java developers are one of them and are in tremendous demand. As a result, the Java programming language, which already has a large user base, continues to generate a large number of jobs in the technology industry.

Probably the most common Java programming language implementation that is completely free and fully open-sourced out there is OpenJDK. Because it is an open-source programming language, it is platform-independent across operating systems.

If you’re looking for a programming language that is flexible enough to work in various environments and on a wide range of different projects like game building, desktop, mobile, or web apps, then the right choice for you is Java.

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